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Human Resources Employment Law

The Best Social Media Accounts to Follow to Support Your Employees

We do our best to source the most up-to-date information when we write blog posts. For the most up-to-date, we rely on some of our favorite news accou...

Hiring and Recruiting

How to Hire the Ideal Candidate for the Job

Hiring managers often ask the following question during job interviews, "What makes you the ideal candidate for the job?" With any luck, the candidate...

Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting

How Long Should Employment Background Checks Take?

There's nothing more frustrating to a hiring manager or a job candidate than waiting for the results of a background check. What could possibly be tak...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management

How to Support Working Moms & Parents in the Workplace

No matter the number of books you read or the well-meaning advice, there's nothing that prepares you for motherhood. And going back to work after time...

Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance

What to Expect on an FCRA Compliant Background Report

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) became law when nearly any personal information could be added to consumer credit reports. Individuals didn't hav...

FCRA Compliance Hiring and Recruiting Employment Law

The Right Way to Get Applicant Consent to a Background Check

Employment background checks are becoming more necessary for employers looking to reduce negligent hiring claims and the risk to their reputation. Dep...

Employment Background Screening Cost of a Background Check Hiring and Recruiting

What Stage of the Hiring Process includes the Background Check?

It's no secret that the hiring process includes multiple stages of getting to know the candidate. Hiring managers are also acutely aware of the fair c...

FCRA Compliance

HR Pros: Are your FCRA Compliance Forms Up to Date?

If there's a running theme on our VeriFirst blog, it's compliance for human resources professionals. We understand the importance of compliance with l...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management

How to Recognize Toxic Positivity in the Workplace

A positive workplace is where everyone is cheerful and happy all of the time, right?  Not exactly. Harvard Medical School psychologist, Susan David, r...

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