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Human Resources Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance Hiring and Recruiting

Top Three Tips for Employers Ordering Background Check Reports

When hiring managers skip background checks, they're putting their employers at risk. Negligent hiring claims, workplace violence, and bad hires are c...

Human Resources Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting Employment Law

What is the EEOC Enforcement Guidance for Criminal Records?

The Enforcement Guidance was issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2012 to assist employers with using arrest or conviction records...

Employment Background Screening Cost of a Background Check

How Employment Background Checks Save Money

Employers that opt-out of employment screening often cite cost as a factor in their decision. Background checks can be expensive for many reasons but ...

Human Resources Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance

Use This Free Online Portal for FCRA Background Check Compliance

To mitigate the risk of FCRA class-action lawsuits, HR and hiring managers must comply with FCRA guidelines. Part of this process is obtaining consent...

Employment Background Screening Employment Law

Does Date of Birth Affect Background Checks or Hiring?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects older applicants and employees from hiring, promotion, compensation, and other types of age-r...

Human Resources Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance Hiring and Recruiting

Felons Have the Right to Work Too: Job Related Background Screening

Conducting background checks on prospective employees, contractors and volunteers have become standard operating procedure for organizations across th...

Human Resources Types of Background Checks Employment Background Screening

What Does HR Look For on a Background Check?

The question of what to look for is helpful for applicants and hiring managers looking over pre-employment background checks. The answer will vary, de...

Types of Background Checks Tenant Background Screening Employment Background Screening

Understanding Credit | How to Read a Credit Report

A credit report is a powerful tool used to determine the financial trustworthiness required for certain jobs or obligations. Employers must use cautio...

Tenant Background Screening VeriFirst Insider Employment Background Screening

Getting Started with VeriFirst

After a decade of writing this blog, we're proud to have dedicated weekly readers. We hope to have helped with hiring, compliance, and getting through...

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