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Compliant Background Screening Solutions for Better, Faster Decision Making.

Human Resources Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance

Why Do Employers Need a Background Check Policy?

If you're a hiring manager for a growing business or an HR department of one, it's important to have documented policies and procedures so that every ...

Human Resources Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting

How to Run Employment Background Checks on Transgender Candidates

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, more than three quarters of transgender people have faced some form of workplace discrimina...

Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance Hiring and Recruiting

Why Accuracy is Important in Pre-Employment Screening

According to recent employment trends, litigation around pre-employment screening accuracy is trending upwards in recent years. The Fair Credit Report...

Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting

Should Freelancers Get Pre-Employment Background Checks?

With the onset of the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, employers had to shift quickly to remote work for their employees. This shift also shifted th...

Human Resources Types of Background Checks Employment Background Screening

Can HR Deny Employment Based on Criminal Records?

With more states and communities passing fair chance hiring laws and ban the box legislation, hiring managers often wonder if they're able to turn awa...

Employment Background Screening Cost of a Background Check Hiring and Recruiting

The HR Guide to Save Money on Background Checks

Considering the costs and time involved with running pre-employment background checks, some organizations are hiring without them. Sure, the hiring pr...

Employment Background Screening Employment Law

Background Screening and Employment Laws 2020 - 2021

Considering everything that happened in the past year, it would come as no surprise if new background check and employment laws were overlooked. While...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management Employment Background Screening

How 2020 and the Pandemic Affected Background Checks

Since 2012, the VeriFirst Background Screening blog has measured the pulse of the background check community. Our posts have reflected changes in empl...

Types of Background Checks Employment Background Screening

Could Vaccination Records Be Part of an Employment Background Check?

With news that two potential COVID-19 vaccines are available soon, employees are asking, "Can my employer force me to take a vaccine?" Many news outle...

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