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Human Resources Types of Background Checks Employment Background Screening

What Does HR Look For on a Background Check?

The question of what to look for is helpful for applicants and hiring managers looking over pre-employment background checks. The answer will vary, de...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management

Tips for Boosting Employee Morale When Times Are Tough

In the face of world events, a global pandemic, and any other regular stresses of life, employee morale is at an all-time low. Employers recognize the...

Types of Background Checks Tenant Background Screening Employment Background Screening

Understanding Credit | How to Read a Credit Report

A credit report is a powerful tool used to determine the financial trustworthiness required for certain jobs or obligations. Employers must use cautio...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management

Real Examples of What the Future of Work Looks Like

It's no secret that work environments are changing. With human resources departments being challenged with more diversity and inclusion during hiring ...

Tenant Background Screening VeriFirst Insider Employment Background Screening

Getting Started with VeriFirst

After a decade of writing this blog, we're proud to have dedicated weekly readers. We hope to have helped with hiring, compliance, and getting through...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management Hiring and Recruiting

Examples of How Employers Are Making the Hiring Process More Inclusive

When organizational leaders push DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) initiatives, it's important to start with recruiting and hiring. DEI gaps cause hi...

Human Resources Hiring and Recruiting Employment Law

New Laws in These States Affect Employers in 2022

It can be challenging for employers to remain in compliance with federal and state laws when hiring or employing individuals. With the start of a new ...

Human Resources Hiring and Recruiting Employment Law

EEOC In the News & Trends for 2022

In our attempts to keep our clients and readers up to date, we occasionally share news from other sources. These links will go to third-party websites...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting

Employment, Hiring and Background Screening Trends for 2022

As is our annual tradition, we look back over the previous year to predict future trends for the new year. Employers and hiring managers have had a ro...

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