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Compliant Background Screening Solutions for Better, Faster Decision Making.

Hiring and Recruiting Immigration

Workforce Eligibility: E-Verify Requirements in every State

In order for job applicants to be able to work in the United States, they must go through select requirements to prove citizenship or eligibility to w...

Human Resources Types of Background Checks Employment Background Screening

COVID-19 Testing As Part of Employment Background Checks

If you're looking for COVID-19 testing for your employees or prospective job candidates, VeriFirst can help.  Our employee background screening servic...

Employee Relationship Management Hiring and Recruiting

Four Best Practices to Increase Diversity Hiring

As more businesses are responding to the Black Lives Matter movement, their customers and employees are demanding more than supportive social media po...

FCRA Compliance Employment Law

Is Your Business Working with a Real Consumer Reporting Agency?

Employers interested in running background checks on employees and candidates will work with background check companies to provide trusted and verifia...

Human Resources Hiring and Recruiting

5 Reasons Why an Updated Resume is Important to Recruiters

Hiring managers and recruiters are faced with looking at hundreds of resumes each day.  Glassdoor reports that the average time spent looking at a res...

Tenant Background Screening FCRA Compliance

How Accurate is Your Tenant's Background Check?

As if the COVID-19 pandemic and rising unemployment doesn't hit hard enough, some renters are being denied housing due to inaccurate screening reports...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management Employment Law

How to Protect Employees from Workplace Retaliation

More employees are worried about workplace retaliation due to the COVID-19 and BLM protests across the country. Some are concerned with losing their j...

Human Resources Types of Background Checks Employment Background Screening

Can Employers Consider Protest Arrests on Employment Background Checks?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the world's attention now includes protests in response to the death of George Floyd. Social media and video posti...

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management Hiring and Recruiting

How to Attract and Support LGBTQ Employees in the Workplace 🌈

In 2018, the Human Rights Campaign reported that nearly 50% of LGBTQ workers remain in the closet at their place of employment. The report revealed th...

Human Resources Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliance Hiring and Recruiting

Denying Employment in the Era of COVID-19

For hiring managers seeking qualified job applicants, it can be especially challenging to consider denying employment when the unemployment rate keeps...

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