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on October 09, 2020 Human Resources Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting

How Long Does It Take to Get Accurate Employment Background Checks?

How Long Does It Take to Get Accurate Employment Background Checks

When hiring, getting a background check is usually a case of "I need it yesterday." Some employers may even choose to run a quick internet background check because they're afraid of missing out on a great candidate. The problem with a quick internet check is the fact that those type of checks may not be verified or accurate. In fact, hiring managers can get a fast turnaround PLUS accuracy with a trustworthy screening partner.

How long does it take to get accurate employment background checks? It shouldn't take long at all.

TLDR: Here's How Long It Will Take

If you're researching this topic, you probably want a quick answer. There are lots of factors that determine the length of an employment background check but in general, you can get all of the answers about turnaround time and what pre-employment screens are available by visiting this page or clicking the button below:

Turnaround Time:  How Long Do Background Checks Take?

What Affects Background Check Turnaround Time?

If you click on the above link, you'll notice that there are many different types of background checks. One of the reasons for a longer turnaround time is because of the tendency to run every single background check. When working with a trusted background check partner, they will listen to your hiring needs and suggest only the screens necessary. At VeriFirst, as an example, we would suggest a "waterfall method" of background checks, where you would run a minimum of screens initially and then other more specific, job-related, screens if necessary. 

Another reason for delayed background checks is data entry errors. Automating the applicant process or using an online screening platform can reduce the number of errors so the background checks aren't returned due to errors or mismatches. 

Why Does Accuracy Matter?

Rushing the hiring process and using inaccurate background checks can lead to a whole lot of headaches for hiring managers and employers. If the data from an internet check is used against an applicant, for example, they can sue the employer for noncompliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If the data is used to hire a candidate and that hire leads to workplace violence, the employer can be sued for negligent hiring. 

A trusted employment background check partner, like VeriFirst, can not only help with accurate, verified background checks for hiring but also with FCRA compliance and safe hiring. When you're ready to move forward with a new hire, we can help with quick turnaround and at an affordable cost.

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Ryan Howard

Vice President, Business Development at VeriFirst, a BYL Company

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