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on May 03, 2019 Employment Background Screening

Create Background Check Packages with VeriFirst

Background Check Package VeriFirst

VeriFirst now offers employers more flexibility when creating background check packages. The Package Builder can help HR teams match their company’s budget and tolerance for risk. As an added bonus, these packages help reduce the amount of wait time for background check results so that hiring managers can make decisions quicker.

How to Create Background Check Packages for Your Business and Budget. 


The VeriFirst Background Check Package Builder

Users of have the freedom to design job-specific screening packages that focus not only on the types of screens, but also the depth of the search itself. Job-specific screening packages allows the hiring manager to run only the necessary screens - saving both time and money.

The below screenshot reveals how a hiring manager would set up packages with predetermined screens based on the job requirements.

Background Check Package Builder VeriFirst

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Not only do the screening packages make it easy to create background check levels that are dependent on the job type, employers have access to the rest of the free online portal. Hiring managers may opt-in to use:

  • Applicant Consent Forms
  • Batch Uploads and Bulk Screening
  • Pending Applications tracking
  • Compliance Letters (sent directly from the portal)
  • Form I-9s and Workforce Eligibility with E-Verify generation
Available VeriFirst Features for Employment Background Checks

Easy Screening Authorization & Compliance

Since employers are required to obtain the applicant’s authorization and consent to a background check, VeriFirst's portal includes a tool to generate and track applicant consent documents. These forms allow the candidate to fill out their information directly, reducing the amount of mistakes and potential added time waiting for background check results.

Bonus: These forms will help employers comply with Federal and State FCRA disclosure requirements.

VeriFirst Background Check Consent Invite

Online Applicant Consent Language Sample

Track Pending Candidates

Track pending background check consent forms using our New Candidates tab. Once the applicant completes their consent form, the status will change to “Ready to Screen”. There is no need to reenter applicant data; all the information will be pre-populated so hiring managers can simply select a screening package and click Submit to order a background check.

Track Pending Applications VeriFirst

Free: Online Applicant Consent Portal

Hiring or Screening Many Employees at Once?

The Batch Upload feature enables employers to submit a list of employees for seasonal hiring, rescreening or bulk order processing. Hiring managers can select the hiring department and screening package for each batch.

VeriFirst Batch Upload Bulk Employment Screening

Decision and Adverse Action

Increase corporate compliance using VeriFirst’s Compliance Letter utility. Once a background check is complete, managers can make a decision to hire. If a background check report includes records that fall outside a company’s screening policy, VeriFirst gives the option to send Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Notifications directly from the screening report.

FCRA Compliance Letter Notifications VeriFirst

If an Applicant passes the background check, employers can opt-in to verify employment eligibility with Form I-9 information using the certified VeriFirst integration with E-Verify.

E-Verify VeriFirst

Background checks don't have to be costly or time-consuming. With pre-selected job-specific packages, and the ability to capture the applicant's data directly, the employer cost, time and risk is reduced. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Ryan Howard

Vice President, Business Development at VeriFirst, a BYL Company

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