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on August 28, 2020 Human Resources Employment Background Screening Hiring and Recruiting

The Ultimate Guide to Employment Background Checks

Ultimate Guide to Employment Background Checks

As a leading provider of background checks since 2004, we've heard many of the same questions and concerns of hiring managers and HR leaders. We've been asked to share sample templates and any resources to help make background checks less costly and more efficient. 

Compiling these resources, our HR Screening Kit includes information to address:

  • How to reduce the costs of screening
  • The best ways to reduce turnaround time on background checks
  • FCRA compliant screening and hiring

Read more and get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Employment Background Checks.

How to Run Employment Background Checks

Obviously, the HR Screening Kit highlights the information necessary to run employment background checks. We know why  background checks are important - to keep employees and customers safe and reduce the chances of negligent hiring - so the guide starts with:

  • How to research and partner with a background check company
  • How to obtain consent to properly screen an applicant
  • How to ensure accurate information on your background reports
  • How to decide which background checks are necessary

Within each of these sections, you'll have access to more in depth information such as sample templates and examples of the types of background checks that would be appropriate for certain types of job responsibilities. 

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How to Read Employment Background Checks

Once you've received the background check reports from your screening partner, the next step is to know what to look for.  The HR Screening Kit includes samples of the results you might receive and offers best practices to deciphering what might be used to deny employment, fairly and objectively. Included in the guide is:

  • How to build a Background Check Decision Matrix
  • How to build and implement a background screening policy
  • How to follow adverse action procedures (including sample templates for your own use)

Our HR Screening Kit is the Ultimate Guide to Employment Background Checks, providing the resources and information necessary to execute best practices for fair, compliant, less-costly employment background checks.


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Ryan Howard

Vice President, Business Development at VeriFirst, a BYL Company

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