Reduce HR Costs and Increase Compliance with Background Check Packages

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Fri, Feb 15, 2019

Background Check Package Pricing

Employers have discovered that it's more important than ever to run background checks. Unfortunately, businesses of all sizes are still foregoing employment screening due to cost. Considering the cost of non-compliance lawsuits or negligent hiring claims, employers would be wise to investigate why their background screening costs are so expensive. Working with a trusted, professional background check partner can be helpful to saving time and money.

Here's how background check packages help reduce costs and increase compliance for HR.

What's Included in Background Check Packages?

The beauty of background check packages is that they're customizable. Depending on your business needs, background check packages can be created so that your business knows what to expect and how much it will cost for each candidate. 

How Are Background Check Packages Created?

As a best practice, VeriFirst recommends that your business create different packages per job description. As an example, you might create layered screenings based on the job level. The higher the level of security or access to financial information, the more in-depth the background check will be.Learn How to Save Money on Background Checks

How Do Background Check Packages Reduce Costs?

By bundling or packaging screening reports, HR teams can leverage lower package pricing and remain compliant by staying consistent with the types of screens they run on each candidate. VeriFirst can help recommend cost-efficient and risk-mitigating background check packages for most employers based on industry, tolerance for risk and budget.

How to Background Check Packages Increase Compliance?

Consistency is key to reducing hiring bias and compliance challenges. A customized background check package and application of a background check policy mitigates the risk of potential discrimination of candidates. Increasing compliance also reduces the likelihood of employment claims or lawsuits.

Interested in background check packages for your business? Get a free quote or watch a demo to see how VeriFirst can work for you.

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