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on November 12, 2021 Human Resources Employee Relationship Management

How to Treat HR Managers This Holiday Season

How to Treat HR Managers This Holiday Season

Between adjusting to remote recruiting to the "Great Resignation" and vaccine mandates, HR managers have been through it this year. If the pandemic taught us anything, it's to praise and respect those who have stuck around to keep business going. All employees are asking to be treated better and frontline hiring managers are certainly deserving of it. 

Here are some ideas for leaders to treat HR managers this holiday season.


Make Their Jobs Easier

Your hiring managers are working to hire the best and brightest in a tight labor market. At the very least, their jobs could be made a little easier inside the workplace. Here are some ideas for leaders:

  • Help HR expand its candidate pool with DEI initiatives.
  • Partner with a reliable background check company that makes the hiring process transparent and minimizes the risk of non-compliance.
  • Build a resilient workforce through positive workplace culture and leadership training. 
  • Offer more flexibility by moving Recruiting and Hiring processes online and investing in HR technology.

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See Them As Human

Instead of being considered nothing but an asset or expense, HR managers, like all employees, want to be seen as human. That means ensuring resources are available for physical and mental health care, flexibility for child care or family leave, preventing workplace violence, and providing a platform for connection, actively listening to concerns and ideas. When hiring for your business, HR needs transparency and direct communication from leaders like you.

And Okay, Gifts Are Good Too

A quick scan online offers lots of great gift ideas for the hiring managers in your HR department. Here are a few of our favorites (not sponsored!):

As leaders, what you do matters to the whole of the organization. With hiring managers on the front lines, they'd appreciate being appreciated this holiday season. Let us know if we can help!

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