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Compliance Guide to Background Checks Including Forms and Templates

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Jun 29, 2018

Background Check Compliance Templates

Since the beginning of the VeriFirst blog, the goal has been to provide an educational resource and assistance to employers and property managers. Compliance is important to those who read here, as well as an awareness of the latest employment and housing laws across the nation. VeriFirst's FCRA certified staff works closely with our clients to help with hiring the right employee or placing the perfect tenant.

Bookmark this blog post as a go-to compliance guide with background check forms and templates for employment screening and tenant screening.

Free Background Check Compliance Forms

Employment Screening

Employment background checks are important to prevent negligent hiring claims and employee turnover. To save time and money on employee background screening, we recommend running background checks after presenting the applicant with a contingent job offer. Running a basic background check, including Identity Verification and a Criminal Background Search, is a good way to narrow the candidate pool. Once there are only a few candidates, then other screens can be run as they relate to the job responsibilities. Always, always get applicant consent and authorization before running a background check. 

To review every type employment background check provided by VeriFirst, click here.

To stay compliant when running employee background screens, review these helpful posts:

Templates and forms available for employment background screening include:

Cost of a Background Check:  How Much Should You Pay?

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening helps landlords and property managers reduce the risk of unpaid rent, legal battles and turnover costs. From multi-family housing to student housing, VeriFirst provides screening services to help make tenant decisions easier. As a bonus, our sister company BYL Collections, also offers debt collection services and will track down tenants who have skipped out on paying their rent. As with employment screening, always, ALWAYS get applicant consent before running a background check.

To review every type of tenant screening offered by VeriFirst, click here.

To stay compliant when running tenant screening, review these helpful posts:

Templates and forms available for tenant background checks include:

VeriFirst Background Screening has been providing risk management and background screening services since 2004. Talk to us about best practices and volume discounts or subscribe to the VeriFirst blog to stay in touch. We provide solutions tailored to your needs coupled with our top-notch customer service from our happy employees.  Thank you for reading!

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