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Conducting Proper Employment History Verification

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Jun 21, 2012

When you’re considering bringing someone new on board at your place of work it’s no longer such an effortless thing. There was a time when a business owner would receive a young person applying for a job in person, they would ask them a few questions, give them a look up and down, and make a decision on the spot. Hiring used to be all about the gut; how people felt about those they’d be working closely with. Now it’s not nearly so easy. With all the obstacles to even getting in the room with individuals responsible for hiring, the whole thing can seem a cumbersome exercise in futility. Regardless we still apply for these jobs and on the hiring front you need to make sure you do proper employment history verification before you bring anyone onto your staff. But what are the effective ways to conduct proper employment history verification? Here’s the lowdown.

employment verificationSkills: One thing you need to find out from former bosses is what exactly are the skills which this employee possessed? Previous employers can get a little cagey about totally throwing someone under the bus. If an employee has exaggerated their skill set on their resume it’s important for hiring managers to ask all relevant questions. One way to accomplish this so that you’re not putting the former employer in a box is by asking yes or no questions. “Did this employee preform this task at your place of business at any time?” Asking your questions this way can be beneficial and instructive; too many “no’s” isn’t a good thing.

Previous bosses: Are the employees previous bosses hesitant and unsure about their place in the company? Do these former bosses even remember the employee being there during the time period depicted? You should be sure to reach out to bosses who were just above the employee so that you can get the impressions of those who worked directly with this employee. If there is a human resources department they should have detailed records on this employee. If they don’t have as detailed a records as you’d like, then you need to do some more digging.

Reports: Another way of getting employee records is by going through an independent company who keeps independent records on employees. There are a number of these employment history verification companies all doing business. You should go with a company who has a trusted reputation and has been in business for some time.

Hiring can be a tough thing. You don’t want to let a rogue onto your home turf. At the same time you can’t just work with the same employees forever. Even if you feel as though you may be taking a risk on a wild card you should go through all the proper steps of employment history verification and background screening. You need to have as clear a picture of who this employee is before they set foot on your premises as an employee.

After that you’ve got to trust your gut and get back to work!


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