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Reduce Employee Turnover & Retain Great Employees

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Reduce Employee Turnover and Retain Great Employees

Much of the success of your business depends on your brand reputation and your brand reputation depends on your employees. Everyone who works for your business represents your company. Not only do you want to hire great employees, you want to keep them around. Employee turnover requires more work, more time and more resources than hiring right the first time. 

Here are best practices for reducing your company's employee turnover ...

How to Reduce Employee Turnover and Retain Great Employees.

Clearly Define Who You Are

The absolute best way to create a positive candidate experience is to clearly articulate what your company is about.  From your website's "About Us" page to the language in your job descriptions, define how your brand works together and what your customers expect from you. You'll naturally attract those candidates that fit your mission or match your company's values.

Check and Double Check Who They Are

Don't believe a perfect resume at first glance. In Monster's 2019 State of the Recruiter survey, recruiters said that 85% of candidate resumes contained exaggerations and embellishments. Many of these untruths are related to education or previous work experience. Get beyond the misrepresentation by running pre-employment background checks to verify the truth.  Check references and interview the candidate to find out who they really are.

Cost of a Background Check:  How Much Should You Pay?

Reduce Time to Hire

In a tight job market, it's easy to miss out on a good qualified candidate. While there's no need to put your business at risk due to fear of missing out, you can make efforts to reduce your hiring time. Streamline your hiring process by using an applicant tracking system, for instance. Go paperless and invite the candidate to do the data entry themselves. With reduced errors and background checks implemented in the system, you can have a decision in hours or days instead of weeks.

Be an Advocate for Your Employees

Once the right employees are hired, onboarding and training should be immediate and easily accessible.  Lack of adequate training and career opportunities is major indicator behind employee turnover. Without training, it's easy for an employee to believe that their job doesn't matter. Your employees want to be a part of something larger than themselves and they need HR and hiring managers to advocate for them.

Education and career development programs are much less expensive than the cost and time of hiring employees. Invest in your employees and they'll stick around much longer.


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