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on July 09, 2021 Human Resources Hiring and Recruiting

Hiring Struggles? Expand Your Candidate Pool!

Hiring Struggles - Expand Your Candidate Pool

With the return to the workplace, companies are looking to fill jobs, especially as the number of those leaving jobs increased from 164,000 to 942,000 in June 2021. Employers are offering signing bonuses and other perks to attract new job seekers. While some of these tactics are working, employee retention might still be an issue as candidates have higher expectations post-pandemic

If your business is having trouble hiring new employees, it's time to expand your candidate pool. Here are job seekers you may not have considered.


Teenagers and Young Adults

As reported by AP, the number of employees aged 16 - 19 is higher than it's been since 2008. Restaurants, amusement parks, retail, and other hospitality venues are thankful for these younger adults to help with summer reopening, just in time for tourists and vacationers. When your company is looking to hire for these types of jobs, take your hiring process online, as teens and young adults may fit the bill.Free: Online Applicant Consent Portal

Those with Criminal Records

More states and employers are following fair chance laws to help formerly incarcerated job seekers find employment. According to the ACLU, one in three adults has a criminal record. Once hired, those that have been incarcerated are found to be hard-working and dedicated employees. By reducing the stigma around criminal records and following the assessment guidance from the EEOC, considering those with criminal records greatly expands the candidate pool. 

International Applicants

With more remote and hybrid work options, employers are looking to international applicants to fill jobs. International employees broaden the cultural impact of a company, bringing different perspectives to problem-solving and increasing innovation and creativity. Other benefits include round-the-clock productivity since team members would likely be in different time zones, and the potential to expand into new markets. Make Faster Hiring Decisions with VeriFirst

More Diverse Candidates

Hiring more diverse candidates starts with a diversity and inclusion policy (also referred to as diversity, equality, and inclusion or DEI). Diversity can mean many things but most importantly, the recruiting and hiring process is changed to attract a wider group of applicants. Job descriptions are more inclusive and posted on job boards that are specifically designed for diverse job seekers such as those with criminal records, Black or minority talent, female candidates, trans, non-binary or LGBTQ+ applicants, and more. 

While it's important for your business to hire quickly, don't skip out on background checks. VeriFirst Background Screening is transparent about costs and turnaround time. Protect your business and make faster hiring decisions with VeriFirst.

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