6 Ways to Save on Your Background Check Budget

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Fri, Aug 11, 2023

In today's competitive job market, conducting employment background checks is essential for businesses to ensure they are hiring qualified and trustworthy candidates. However, these checks can often be time-consuming and expensive. We have compiled 5 valuable tips to help you reduce your employment background check budget without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Save time and money with these 6 tips for reducing your employment background check budget.

Use Thorough Background Checks

An employment background check is crucial for safeguarding your company's reputation and protecting your business from potential risks. Thoroughly screening candidates identifies any red flags, such as criminal records or false qualifications, that may pose a threat to your organization. Investing time and money in comprehensive background checks upfront can save you from employee turnover, costly legal issues and potential reputation damage in the long run.

Understand What Affects Costs

Understanding the rising costs of employment background checks can help you identify areas where you can cut down on expenses. Factors such as the complexity of the screening process, the number of searches required, and the use of specialized databases can contribute to the overall cost. By analyzing these factors, you can develop a targeted approach to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Streamline Background Checks

Instead of conducting broad searches, consider narrowing down your focus to specific areas that are most relevant to the job position. For example, if you are hiring for a financial role, prioritize financial history checks and credit reports. Tailor your search criteria to save time and resources while still obtaining valuable information about potential employees.

Learn How to Save Money on Background Checks

Consider Industry-Specific Screening

Many industries have their own databases that provide industry-specific information, such as licensing records or professional certifications. It's important to choose a screening provider that's familiar with your industry to access more accurate and cost-effective background checks tailored to your industry's requirements. This targeted approach can save both time and money while ensuring you get the most relevant information about your candidates.

Automate and Simplify for Consistency

An online screening platform or applicant tracking system offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. These platforms leverage technology to streamline the screening process, allowing access to comprehensive reports quickly and efficiently. They can provide helpful resources to remain in compliance with employment laws. When the applicant enters their information directly, it minimizes the need for manual searches, paperwork, and lengthy turnaround times, ultimately reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Ask for Bundled Services or Volume Pricing

One effective way to save money on employment background checks is opting for comprehensive packages that include multiple background check services. By getting customized volume pricing or multiple background check services from a single provider, businesses can streamline their hiring process and save time. Instead of having to coordinate with multiple vendors for different checks, everything can be conveniently managed through one provider. This can lead to significant cost savings over time.

When implementing these best practices, you can effectively manage your employment background check budget without compromising on quality and accuracy. Remember, investing in thorough background checks is an investment in the long-term success and security of your business. Take advantage of the available resources and technologies to streamline the process, save time, and make informed hiring decisions.

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