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on October 23, 2020 Types of Background Checks Tenant Background Screening

The Most Comprehensive Tenant Screening Services

The Most Comprehensive Tenant Screening Services

Every tenant has a story but not every tenant is an open book. Comprehensive tenant screening services are important to save landlords and property managers the headaches of turnover costs and bad debt write-offs. If your student housing, single or multi-family home is available for new tenants, make sure you know your renter well.

Here's what to look for to get the most comprehensive tenant screening services.


Many thanks to Investopedia for naming VeriFirst as the Most Comprehensive Tenant Screening service and to Consumer's Advocate for naming VeriFirst the Best for Tenant Screening!


FCRA Compliance

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is important to protect consumer rights. An agency that provides comprehensive tenant screening services will also include education and guidance on compliance with the FCRA, as well as FCRA-certified staff.  Click here to download a library of forms to help stay FCRA compliant when tenant screening

Comprehensive Tenant Background Checks

Background checks for renters should include verification of identity, criminal searches, credit reporting and rental history. Property managers will also have eviction records and a measure of risk to predict the applicant's ability to pay rent on time. 

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Property Management and Debt Collections Integration

The best tenant services are easy, accurate and helpful. Integration with property management systems, or other integrations for single property landlords, reduce data entry errors and deliver results quickly.  Even better, if the screening system can be readily integrated to debt collections, in the case of non-paying tenants, there are less headaches for landlords.

  Download Tenant Screening Sample Report

Transparency and Verification of Screening Results

Comprehensive tenant screening services will also include verification of background check reports. This "Double Check" is a manual review of the reports so that landlords and property managers are positive that the results are accurate. The process of screening, as well as the cost of the tenant screening services, will also be transparent. 

Tenant Screening Services

When you're ready for the most comprehensive tenant screening services, contact VeriFirst. Or read more about our tenant screening services on our blog.

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