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on September 25, 2015 Hiring and Recruiting

The Internet of Hiring Practices

Best Hiring Practices

As a 21st century hiring manager or human resources professional, you know that the days of endless paperwork and job fairs aren't over yet. Still, the internet is connecting everything and hiring candidates is no exception. Here are 5 ways the internet of hiring practices is making your life easier.

Here are 5 ways the internet of hiring practices is making your life easier.


Talent Research

Understanding the talent available for recruiting is valuable information to any hiring manager and the internet brings it to your fingertips. Looking over endless resumes can be whittled down to a search for key terms on LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder or the ever evolving list of job search sites. Even Craigslist has become a place for job seekers looking for work. 


Not only is your company website an awesome recruiting tool, a HR manager now has numerous ways to gain a candidate's interest and they are (mostly) free. Using the same websites that candidates use to find jobs, a hiring manager can post job related information with certain key words to attract applicants that match. A company's website and their corresponding social media can be used in tandem to recruit future employees. Using paid ads or paid versions of online applications may also be helpful.


Are you still using paper applications to capture your candidates' information? More and more companies are moving to online or computerized systems to entice future employees with the ease of applying at their business. Data entry can be made simpler since the information is readily available to human resources and the hiring manager. Online applications also allow for a quick comparison of applicant credentials since the form is standardized.


With the trend of remote working, interviewing a candidate can also be done remotely. A hiring manager doesn't have to go by voice alone, online applications such as Google Hangouts or Skype allow an applicant to appear "in person" with a hiring manager. During the hiring process, the employer saves the travel costs associated with flying in a potential employee and the candidate can be interviewed on the fly. 

Background Checks

Anyone can do research online and call it a "background check". However, a quick database search may not result in accurate data. Working with an accredited background screening company will allow you the access of verified information and the availability of an online portal for consent from the applicant and approval from the hiring manager. The ease of data entry, pre-adverse action and adverse action notices, and accurate information in an online portal makes selecting the right candidate a much easier task.

Sample online applicant background check portal


Hiring talent in the 21st century doesn't have to be a burden to bear for hiring managers.

A hiring process that includes the right tools and the right partners can ensure that hiring the right employee is simpler than it ever has been before. 

Free Background Check Consent Platform


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Ryan Howard

Vice President, Business Development at VeriFirst, a BYL Company

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