Acquire and Retain Applicant Talent with iCIMS & VeriFirst Integration

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Wed, Mar 16, 2016


Hiring the right talent may possibly be the most important strategic goal for any business. In 2013, the Aberdeen Group reported that organizations that take a strategic approach to recruiting reach twice as many business goals, achieve higher customer satisfaction and hire at a reduced cost. At VeriFirst, we understand the need to hire the right person at the right time.

With VeriFirst's integration with the iCIMS talent acquisition suite, acquiring, screening and retaining the right talent has never been easier. 

Beyond Recruiting

Today's hiring trends dictate that companies are now looking beyond recruiting to strategic hiring and talent acquisition. iCIMS, a Talent Platform, recognizes these new efforts and has built a suite of supportive solutions. Instead of simple recruiting and maintaining a database of resumes, this suite of solutions enables companies to attract, communicate, engage and retain talent, making the candidate and hiring manager experience better. Considering the business need for relationship management, branding and networking, iCIMS talent acquisition methods include:

  • Automated job board posting
  • Mobile portals
  • Video capabilities
  • Career microsites
  • Social media recruitment

Applicant Tracking

In a single company, recruiters might use one system to attract candidates, human resources would have another management system of candidates and/or employees and background screening may be done by a different company altogether. Because different parts of the hiring process may use different systems, candidate information would need to be repeatedly entered into each database separately. Some companies opt to use an integrated system to connect all parts of the system to cut down on manual data entry and to make hiring more efficient. An integrated system, like iCIMS, allows a human resources department to track an applicant throughout the extent of the recruiting, hiring, screening and onboarding process. Automating these tasks greatly improves productivity and reduces human error. 

Screening Candidates

Using a third party background screening company requires, yet again, manual entry of candidate information. VeriFirst, focused on employee background checks and drug screening, now offers an integration into the iCIMS Talent Platform. The partnership offers a seamless transfer of the applicant’s background check authorization status and screening results from the VeriFirst platform into iCIMS’ software, where recruiters can manage the hiring process from start to finish all within a single web-based application. With the iCIMS partnership, businesses now have access to dedicated tools already engineered for an efficient hiring experience.

Watch Video: iCIMS Applicant Tracking


Creating a consistent onboarding process offers a new hire a positive introduction to your company. iCIMS assists with strong onboarding features including:

  • Options for the organization to configure different onboarding for each employee category
  • Easily accessible tasks for the new hire to complete
  • Email reminders when tasks are almost due or overdue
  • Easily accessible company documents for the new employee
  • Easily accessible forms that can be completed and submitted electronically (including applicant consent to background checks)
  • Electronic data entry for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), I-9 and E-Verify
  • Reporting that offers the company ways to improve
  • Self-administration for easy adjustments and improvements as necessary


Hiring a new employee fulfills a talent need and the efficient processes will get them off on the right foot. The sooner the employee knows what's expected of him and what information he needs to do his job, the more productive and happy he will be. With the iCIMS solutions suite and VeriFirst background screening integration, employees can be managed from the start. 

  • Post job requisitions with one click.
  • All candidate/new hire/employee information is in one place.
  • Data is safe and secure.
  • Recruiting, tracking, screening and onboarding is all managed through a single system.

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