How Other Companies Recruit and Hire Their Employees

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Fri, Aug 23, 2019

How Other Companies Recruit and Hire Their Employees

Recruiting new employees doesn't have to be about placing an ad or scouring LinkedIn anymore. These days, hiring managers have their eyes open all the time to find perfect candidates. Once the candidates are found, it's important to create a fair and consistent candidate experience to keep job seekers interested.

If you're curious how businesses recruit and hire their employees, read on.

How Other Companies Recruit and Hire Their Employees

Always Be Recruiting

Just like the "always be closing" adage (thank you Glengarry Glen Ross!), if you're a recruiter, it's important to tune in to your environment for great candidates. For instance in these examples, imagine seeing someone at your local coffee shop who takes everyone's order with enthusiasm and positive attitude. Perhaps you witness a customer service representative who handles a crisis or angry customer with a calm demeanor.  Or maybe there's someone you encounter daily that always remembers your name and acts professional and courteous. Don't overlook the competencies and values you're recruiting for in your every day life.

Don't Always Be the Smartest in the Room

The CEO of the beverage company Hint offered his thoughts on being the smartest person in the room. If you feel like you're the smartest, you're less likely to learn from those around you. His wish is to stay humble so that he surrounds himself with mentors, colleagues and employees who offer the skills and competencies that he lacks.  He also looks for job candidates who are humble and hungry enough to keep learning and growing.

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Be Thoughtful, Human and Communicative

Many managers don't even realize that they are unconsciously biased during the hiring process. The likelihood of bias is reduced through background checks, a focus on diversity and a strong push to treat every candidate with respect.  Consider the steps of your company's hiring process and determine where you are revealing the human side of your business, including company culture. Educate recruiters and hiring managers with a consistent process that includes your company values and interviews that are inclusive and communicative to job candidates. Salesforce, as an example, trains managers with their hiring curriculum, "Hiring the Salesforce Way" to mitigate unconscious bias.

Create a Seamless Hiring Process

Applicant tracking systems, electronic signatures and online background screening portals are helpful tools in creating a paperless hiring process. These same HR technology tools are attractive to candidates who are looking for a speedy and seamless candidate experience. By incorporating tech into the hiring process, errors and time-consuming tasks are reduced, communication is easier and the applicant sees your business as innovative and competent. Read more about how these businesses use HR tech when recruiting and hiring

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