How to use Instant Criminal Background Checks

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Thu, Dec 30, 2021

If you work in the HR department or you are a business owner who is searching for the best method of pre-employment screening, instant criminal background checks can provide an excellent “first step” to your screening process. Instant searches are often comprised of millions upon millions of records, aggregated into a central data source and filtered based on the applicant's information that you provide.

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Interviewing potential employees can take up a lot of time as you try to find the right candidate that fits the job. Apart from learning about the abilities and the qualifications of the applicants, there are other important things to review to ensure you're hiring the right candidate for the job. Some employers choose to opt-out of screening because receiving the results on the background checks can take too long. However, in addition to local court searches, some instant criminal record options can still minimize the risks associated with personnel transgressions.

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If an applicant fails to meet the standards you set forth in the instant database search, there may not be a need to spend more time or money searching further. On the contrary, the results from this first step may inform other researches necessary to fill the job. If you are too busy verifying the skills and requirements of the business, you may never find out if they are hiding crucial information about their criminal history. Instant searches are an efficient and cost-effective method for a multi-stage screening policy.

Types of Instant Criminal Background Checks

One background check that delivers nearly instant results is a National Criminal Database search. This search requires names, addresses, date of birth, and part of the Social Security Number if readily accessible. A National Criminal Database search delivers information from local law enforcement, correction records departments, criminal record sources all over the state, records on parole and probation, local public records, and other repositories. Generally, you will have to pay a fee of up to $15 to perform this check.

Another quick search includes the National Sex Offenders database. With the name, address and date of birth of the applicant, you will be able to find whether they have committed such an offense. Sexual offender registries are searched thoroughly and you will get instant results along with the sexual crime, the offense severity, and the date of arrest.

If an applicant is on the International or Terrorist Watch List, you will also be able to tell immediately with their name, address and date of birth. This search is extensive as it reaches a variety of international and domestic lists of the most wanted people in the world today. Records from the FBI, OIG, Interpol, OFAC, and DEA are just some of the agencies that are being searched. Since this is quite important, there are states and organizations that offer this service for free or up to $5 for the search.

Cost of a Background Check:  How Much Should You Pay?We understand that you only want the best members on your team. However, there are times when you can make the wrong decisions because you did not inspect the background of the applicants methodically. It's actually easy and inexpensive to obtain quick results through the use of instant criminal background checks. This way, you will only hire honest and competent people as you ensure the safety of your employees and investments.

Important Note: Before conducting any type of background check, be sure to understand your legal responsibilities under local and federal law. Including but not limited to obtaining an Applicant Consent and Release, Notifying the Consumer (Applicant) of their rights under the FCRA, and many other important notifications. For additional information, visit: 

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