The Need for a Hiring Decision Matrix

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Mon, Sep 17, 2018

Hiring Decision Matrix

Decision matrices are used by executives for all manner of business decisions that include many variables and multiple choices. When consistency is required and emotion must be removed, such as with hiring, a decision matrix can be a valuable tool. Federal legislation also recommends consistency and objectivity. The EEOC and other anti-discrimination laws rely on employers to reduce bias so that all applicants get a fair chance. 

A decision making matrix during the hiring process can be the perfect tool for leaders. Here are a few examples.

How to Create a Decision Matrix for Hiring

Interview Scorecard

One such decision matrix to reduce hiring bias is the interview scorecard. By creating a matrix of candidate attributes or skills and the weight assigned to each, a quantitative assessment can be done by your hiring team.  Because managers naturally hire those who most resemble themselves, the interview scorecard offers more than one hiring manager to offer their opinion based on the same variables. An interview team can objectively enter a score for each attribute and then get a better idea of the actual fit with the business. The types of interview questions will require specific answers related to the attributes and skills but can still be customized per applicant. 

Screening Decision Matrix

Another hiring challenge is deciding when a criminal conviction automatically disqualifies a candidate for a job. The EEOC and the nationwide push for Fair Chance/Ban the Box laws ask that employers not immediately disregard applicants that have arrests or convictions on their background checks. Instead hiring managers must determine:

  • The nature and gravity of the crime
  • If the nature of the crime will affect the job
  • How much time has elapsed since the crime was committed or the sentence was completed

A criminal background screening policy is helpful to determine which background checks are applicable per each job responsibility. Secondly, an EEOC Background Check Decision Matrix will offer clarity on criminal conviction disqualifications for each job position as well.

Background Screening Decision Matrix  Free HR Template

Hiring Decision Matrix

If there are a few candidates that qualify for the job, the decision may be easier by using a hiring decision matrix. Creating a matrix of candidates, skills, experience or education, interview scores and other attributes can offer a very clear picture of the best candidate for the position. 

Decision matrices can help reduce the risk of employer litigation, reduce hiring bias and potentially reduce the risk of high turnover for the organization. These objective tools help to level the playing field allowing hiring managers to make better and more objective hiring decisions.

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