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How to Create a Hiring Checklist

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Sep 18, 2014


Finding and retaining the right people for your company can be difficult. However, with the right approach, you can find the right candidates for your organization while adhering to the fair hiring practices. To help you with this approach, here is a way to create a hiring checklist.

Effective Communication

The first step in developing a checklist is to establish an open channel of communication among HR staff and department heads. Constant communication helps to ensure your HR department is practicing fair hiring practices while also helping you learn more about what each department wants in terms of qualifications. Conversely, if you fail to establish consistent communication, it makes it harder to screen candidates since you don't know specific traits the supervisors want. 

Determining Needs

Next, it’s important to discuss with the departments heads what specific qualifications they look for in candidates. This is important because it gives you a window into what they are looking for in regards to job experience, project management, education and references. Before setting up an ad for a specific job, be sure to sit down with that department’s supervisor to learn more about that department’s objectives and how the candidate is going to contribute to them. 

Effective Interviewing

The next step after setting up the ad and assessing the candidates, is to effectively interview them to determine whether they meet your organization’s objectives. During this process, be sure to invite the department head to participate in the interview. Furthermore, it’s important to capture more information about the applicant by asking questions that are specific to the job functions. By learning how the applicant has done in similar positions it gives you an ideal as to whether they have the skills and expertise to do the job well.

Follow up with Department Supervisors

After conducting interviews, it’s important to touch base again with department heads after a few days to receive their impression of each of the candidates interviewed. This is an excellent way for both you and them to go over your interview notes to determine who expressed the most appropriate qualifications for the job.

Screening Qualified Applicants

Once you narrow down the search, it’s important to conduct background, experience and reference checks on each of the applicants remaining. By using a professional background screening company, it makes it simpler to gather the information you need. Armed with this extensive background information you receive from them, it can help you make the best decision possible for your company.

Ultimately, these steps give you an idea on some of the best ways to find new candidates while being compliant with fair hiring practices. The first goal is to develop and maintain consistent communication with department heads and HR staff, so everyone is on the same page when finding the right applicants for the position. Next, by using a qualified background screening resource like VeriFirst, it can make your job simpler since they do the background research for you. Armed with that information, it can help you make accurate choices quickly.

EEOC Background Screening Decision Matrix

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