Do You Need an Electronic Drug Screening Process?

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Sun, Dec 23, 2018

Electronic Drug Screen Order

The drug testing process can be a mandatory hassle for human resource professionals. Between screening new hires and implementing randomized testing for current employees, the paperwork and lag time between testing and results can become a real issue. Is there a way to make drug screening easier for employers?

Does your human resources department need an electronic drug screening process?

When You Need Results Fast

Nothing is more frustrating as an employer than to vet a great candidate only to find out that they either waited too long to show up at the testing location, or worse… failed the drug screen. With conventional drug testing methods, the long lag time between issuing a Chain of Custody form and receiving results often means other candidates for the position may have already found employment elsewhere, causing the hiring process to start from scratch.

With electronic drug screening, employers can find out in a matter of days that the potential hire is unsuitable for the position and move to the next best qualified applicant. This information can be accessed online and immediately so human resource professional can make fast and accurate decisions. 

When You Don't Want to Deal with Paperwork

Testing can be a hassle for employers due to paperwork alone. Keeping copies of the completed tests, the chain-of-custody, and the original orders can take up drawer space and may lead to lengthy legal battles if the paperwork is misplaced. A electronic drug screening process uses a paperless system. All Chain of Custody forms and scheduling can be emailed to the candidate/ employee and results are available online, ready to be retrieved at a moment's notice. There's no need to print results because the online system is available for employers to access at their convenience. 

When You Want Random Drug Tests

For traditional drug testing, the process of implementing and maintaining randomized drug screenings can be a headache. Not only do HR professionals need to maintain proper paperwork but they also need to wait long periods between testing and results, a lag that can possibly result in workplace injury due to employees who are under the influence. Electronic drug screening allows employers to get immediate results, suspending or terminating employees that pose a threat to workplace safety. Electronic drug testing provides fast, accurate results that HR professionals can act on immediately. 

When You Require Accuracy

The electronic drug screening process automates the paper pushing process  - eliminating handwriting on the chain of custody form, having the applicant come back to your office to pick-up the COC form or expense of mailing / Fed Ex to the applicant - all of which result in days that pass before the applicant actually gets tested and they may have already flushed the drugs from their system by then. The electronic drug screening process helps with the administrative work so an employer can get accurate results faster.

Order and Schedule Drug Screening Electronically

An electronic drug screening process is an integrated system that cuts down the time and paperwork associated with conventional drug screening. Rather than relying on paper Chain of Custody (COC) forms and the costly delivery and loss of time, electronic COC forms and online scheduling are self-contained and interpreted by automation. The results are available online so employers don't need to maintain filing cabinets full of paperwork or worry about losing crucial items.  

If you represent a company that wishes to reduce paperwork, increase turn around time, and increase the depth of testing, an electronic drug screening process might be for you.  For drug screening costs, click here.

For most employers, electronic drug screening can be a huge improvement on traditional drug testing methods. By providing fast, accurate results which are available online, on-demand 24 hours a day, employers can make quick decisions about applicants and ensure workplace safety for current employees. Electronic screening also reduces paperwork by providing a digital copy of all orders and results that can be accessed easily and securely. Any employer that is interested in increasing the scope of their testing and receiving accurate and instant results should consider an electronic drug screening process. 

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