See How Employment Background Checks are Done

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Fri, Jul 07, 2023

If you've ever wondered what to expect when running an employee background check, you're in the right place. Some of the questions you may be asking include:

  • What shows up on background checks?
  • What constitutes a 'red flag'?
  • What background checks do most employers use?
  • How can my company save time and money when screening new employees?

See How Employment Background Checks are Done.

Screening Questions Answered

More questions that can be addressed include:

  • The security of the information provided
  • FCRA compliance challenges
  • Obtaining candidate consent and authorization 
  • Pre-adverse and Adverse action procedures
  • Ease of use and integration with applicant tracking systems
  • The costs associated with background checks

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See How VeriFirst Performs  Background Checks and Drug Screening

About VeriFirst Background Screening

VeriFirst has been a trusted partner and leading provider of risk management and background screening services since 2004.

With VeriFirst as your screening partner, you can expect tailored solutions, excellence in customer service, and FCRA-compliant background screening to help minimize risk and make better, more informed decisions. Plus, we offer transparency and guidance to ensure a positive experience for the Employer and the Employee. 

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