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How to advertise your MultiFamily Property in Craigslist

Posted by Ryan Howard on Tue, Mar 18, 2014


Multifamily property owners have been using Craigslist to connect with renters for years. A few years ago, you could post an ad and use HTML to increase interaction with potential renters. HTML based ads are more detailed, allowing you to provide comprehensive information and images to capture the attention of potential renters.

However, Craigslist changed its ad posting policy a while ago, restricting the use of HTML ads. Most of the HTML tags that were previously allowed are now not supported. This means you have to re-think how you use Craigslist ads to attract renters.

Below are some tips that will help you get your property for rent noticed on Craigslist.

Use Images

In the past, you could possible post as many images as you wanted through HTML ads. Craigslist still allows users to upload images through their proprietary system but you cannot use unlimited images. The maximum number of images you can now upload for every ad is 12.

Since the number of images allowed per ad is limited, you need to make your images stand out. Post high quality photos that highlight the strongest points of your property listing.

Indicate Links

While most of the HTML code has been disabled, links are still allowed in ads. For example, you can add a clickable web address to the ad. Some sellers anticipate that this feature will soon be disabled by Craigslist. However, even if active web links will be deactivated, renters can still copy and paste the address on their browsers.

In your ad, provide active links and should the links be disabled, the web addresses will still remain on the ads. Make sure the links are relevant to your ad. For example, you can provide a link to your website or Flickr account where you have uploaded more photos of the property you are advertising.

Ensure your Ad is Readable

The HTML coding that produced unique designs for advertisers is gone. You now have to capture the renter’s interest through your ad copy. Ensure your ad is informative, captivating and has a call-to-action.

Use short paragraphs, bullets and emphasis elements such as italics and bold to get your point across. Give potential renters content that they can skim through easily. Long and unformatted ads are mostly ignored by most renters.

Go into Details

Be detailed when writing your ad. Pick the most attractive features of the property and describe them in detail. Talk about the neighborhood amenities and other features that can attract renters.

Remember, providing comprehensive information will help you get more qualified leads from your ads. Indicate information such as price of the home, location, number of bedrooms and so on.

Update your company website

If you are adding links in your ad, make sure they point to the right pages on your website. If a renter wants to get more information about your property, he will head over to your website. Therefore, your website should be up to date with the information the renters will be looking for.

Given each ad is about a specific property, it is logical to have a dedicated page on the specific property on your website. Avoid directing renters to your company’s homepage, leaving them to search the website for the information they want. The easier you make the work of potential renters, the more tenants you can place.

These changes in Craigslist's ad policy aren't unmanagable if you're aware of these few things. Make sure you're getting the most of out your listing and placing the right tenants in your multifamily property.

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