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COVID-19 Courthouse Closures and Background Check Impacts

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The Do's and Don'ts of Employment Applicant Consent

Four Ways HR Can Show Gratitude to Employees

Do You Know if Your Business Hiring is FCRA Compliant?

How to Reduce Time and Cost of a Background Check

How to Ease the Fear of Employment Background Checks

Which criminal background search is best for your company?

Can an Employer Run a Background Check after Hiring?

Laws to Limit Landlord Tenant Screening

Reduce Time-to-Hire without Putting your Business at Risk

NAPBS Changes their Name to PBSA

More States are Banning the Salary History Question. Here's why.

Screening Practices for a Drug-Free Workplace

VeriFirst Achieves PBSA Background Screening Accreditation

How Other Companies Recruit and Hire Their Employees

Speed Up Hiring with a Paperless Process

Why Do Background Check Companies Charge Access Fees?

Are Background Checks Required Under the SAFETY Act?

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Cost of a Background Check: How Much Should You Pay?

Background Checks on First-Time Job Candidates and Recent Grads

What are the Best Practices for Running Background Checks on Employees?

Congress is Considering Federal Ban the Box Rule

Yes, Even Enterprise Companies Face EEOC Lawsuits

How Your Background Check Company Helps with Hiring Decisions

How to Choose the Best Employment Background Check Company

Stand Out Among Employers with a Positive Candidate Experience

Create Background Check Packages with VeriFirst

The Wrong Way to Do FCRA Compliance

What Keeps Hiring Managers Up at Night?

What Screens are Included in an Employment Background Check?

Spring Cleaning for Your HR Department

How Trustworthy is a Credit Report Background Check?

Can a landlord run a background check without permission?

How Often Are Background Checks Updated?

Easy Background Checks for Employers

Reduce HR Costs and Increase Compliance with Background Check Packages

Your New Hire Failed their Background Check. Now What?

Can You Include Social Media in Background Checks?

A Small Business Guide to Background Checks

What Happens When an Employee Fails a Drug Test?

The Most Popular and Necessary Background Checks for Volunteers

How HR Tech is Changing Hiring and Recruiting

E-Verify is Shutdown: Here's What Employers Can Do

Hiring Trends and Employment Law in 2019

Top 10 Background Screening and Hiring Blogs of 2018

Do You Need an Electronic Drug Screening Process?

Running Background Checks on Current Employees

Free Sample Background Check Policy

Employer Petco Hit with FCRA Class Action Settlement for Improper Adverse Action

Should Your Company Have a Holiday Party?

What Employers Need to Know About Background Checks

How to Select a Background Check Package for New Hires

HR Policy for Criminal Background Checks

What Employers Should Consider When Hiring for the Seasonal Holidays

Introducing: Business Search and Corporate Screening

The Masks Applicants Wear to Hide Who They Are

How Background Checks Affect Workplace Culture

HR Policy Updates: How to Include Rolling Background Checks

🚨 Alert: New FCRA Summary of Rights Notice đźš¨

The Need for a Hiring Decision Matrix

Timing of an Adverse Action Notice: FCRA Compliance

Discourage Fraud in the Workplace with Best Practices

In the News: Workplace Harassment and the EEOC

Can Employers Look at a Job Candidate's Credit Report?

Why Do Some Background Checks Take Longer than Others?

Background Check Resources for Small Businesses

Has Your Driver Had a Background Check?

Save Money with a Volunteer Background Check Policy

Compliance Guide to Background Checks Including Forms and Templates

Company Policies & Job Descriptions: Important to Applicant Screening

How to Withdraw a Job Offer After a Background Check

Pre-Employment Screening: Protection from Negligent Hiring Claims

Background Checks Shouldn't Cost Your Company a Fortune...

Is it time to Review Your Tenant Screening Criteria?

How to Hire Your First Employee

Is Your Screening Policy Compliant with Background Check Regulations?

Hiring a New Employee? Follow this 5-Step Checklist

How Do Background Check Companies Get Information?

Important Updates for E-Verify

How to Tell an Employee They Failed Their Background Check

6 Common Myths about Background Checks

HR Best Practices for Keeping Employee Data Safe

Employee Criminal Records: How far back should you look?

EEOC Guidance Unenforceable in Texas

Background Checks When You're an HR Department of One

Can an Employer Run a Background Check without Permission?

Youth Mistakes that Could Show Up on a Background Check

What Shows Up on a Criminal Background Check?

Using LinkedIn to Find the Right Candidate for the Job

More Job Applicants Are Failing Drug Tests

What’s with all the jargon? Background Check Terms and Definitions

The History of Employment Background Screening

Employers, You Can Make the Workplace Safer from Sexual Harassment

Background Screening and the Legalization of Marijuana

New State Employment Laws for 2018

Top 10 Background Check and Hiring Blogs of 2017

List of Top Background Check Practices

When Should Employers Consider Criminal History Records?

2017 Background Check Trends: What Employers Need to Know for 2018

Is it Time to Rescreen Seasonal Employees?

Why Periodic Background Screening of Current Employees is Important

How Accurate are Employee Criminal Background Checks?

Court Rules Against Employer in FCRA Compliance Case

Ghosting in the Workplace

AI-Based Recruiting Helps and Challenges Hiring

How HR Can Reduce Isolation & Loneliness in the Workplace

Accurate Background Checks for Employers

What Affects the Cost of a Background Check?

The Latest HR and Employment Legislation

How to Conduct Compliant Employee Background Checks on New Hires

Slow Hiring Process? Here's Why.

7 Reasons to Hire an HR Professional

How to Spot and Prevent a Workplace Bully

Who is Lying on a Resume? Here's How to Find the Truth.

Reduce Hiring Bias with Background Checks

Background Checks for Sports, Arena & Stadium Operations

Can Employers ask about Salary History?

Are "At Will" Employers Required to Send Adverse Action Notices?

How to Establish a Background Screening Budget for your Business

What is the Difference Between State and Federal FCRA Laws?

What You Should Know About Pre-Employment Drug Screening

What is Included in a Background Check for Employment?

Slow Turnaround time for a Background Check? What gives?

Awesome Interview? Offer the Job or Conduct the Background Check Next?

Is it time to update your corporate background check policy?

Adverse Action Notice: Common Compliance Questions

How to Identify Resume Fraud and Read what Counts

How to Obtain Applicant Consent and Authorization to Background Check

Employer & Landlord Responsibilities via the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Hiring and Screening Tips for Small Business

Summer Hiring Heats up for Seasonal Staffing and Volunteers

Easy and Affordable Background Checks

Challenges with Employment Verification Services

The Complete Human Resources Background Screening Kit

What Recruiters Want to Know about Background Checks

What is included in a National Criminal Background Search?

How to Get the Best Background Checks for Small Business

What Employers Need to Know: I-9 Forms, E-Verify & Immigration

New Acting Chair, LGBTQ Rights: EEOC in the News

How Criminal Background Checks affect Teen Convicted Felons

How Can Background Checks Improve your Candidate Experience?

Recruiting, Hiring and Screening Trends for 2017

2016 Round-Up: Most Popular Background Check Blogs

7 Easy Steps to Conducting Background Checks on New Hires

Update: What Landlords Need to Know About Screening Tenants

Disclosing Criminal Records on Job Applications: What Hiring Managers Should Look For

Reduce Corporate Risk with Online Applicant Consent

Is it better to have background checked and lost, than to have never checked at all?

Should my business use an Applicant Tracking System?

What is a 613 Letter under the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Accurate and Compliant: Background Checks Keep Employers out of Courtrooms

Blue Apron: Quick Hiring = Police Reports

The Importance of Auditing your HR Department

EEOC: Workplace Retaliation is Not Okay

10,000 Refugees Placed in the U.S. Seeking Housing and Employment

Signs and Costs of Hiring the Wrong Person

Which Background Checks are Best for Tenant Screening?

What is a Basic Background Check?

Drug Screening FAQ for Human Resources Professionals

How important are Volunteer Background Checks?

Should Fingerprint Background Checks be used in Hiring Decisions?

How to do Due Diligence on Background Check Companies

How to Reintegrate Ex-Offenders: Employment

Will Social Media and Search History Determine a Bad Tenant?

Survey: How Do You Conduct Background Checks?

The Human Resources Side of Sports

Background Check Best Practices

Could your business be at risk for an FCRA Lawsuit?

HR Guide to Compliant Screening: Federal vs. State FCRA regulations

Assessing Criminal Records in Employment Decisions

The Importance of Quality Employees in Property Management

What is Ban the Box? Updates to State and Local Regulations

Background Checks help Employers spot Resume Fraud

Tenant Screening: Do Criminal Records Matter?

Denying Employment: An Adverse Action Guide

Acquire and Retain Applicant Talent with iCIMS & VeriFirst Integration

How Can Workplace Bullying be Prevented?

Would Post-Hire Screening have stopped the Uber Kalamazoo Killing Spree?

Why Startups Need a Background Screening Company

Students Rent their Rooms on AirBnB

Human Resources and the Growing Trend in Paperless Hiring

5 Simple Ways for HR to Improve Background Check Compliance

New Background Screening Features for 2016

Top 10 Background Screening Blogs of 2015

Background Checks: Generation X vs. Millennials

"Giving Thanks" on Thanksgiving

Workforce Eligibility: E-Verify Requirements in every State

Seasonal Hiring? Don't Cut Corners on Background Checks

Top 5 Scariest Job Interview Questions

In the News: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Background Checks

The Internet of Hiring Practices

What to do when an Applicant Background Check reveals a Criminal Record

Why Background Checks Fail

Employee Background Checks for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

AML Audit Compliance Best Practices

How well do you Know Your Customer (KYC)?

What is "Negligent Hiring" - and how HR Managers can help prevent it

In the News: Fair Credit Reporting Act

Happy Independence Day

The Pros and Cons of a Quick Background Check

Important Changes to Hiring Practices in New York City

Should Professional Sports Players Have Background Checks?

PA Act 153: New Pennsylvania Background Check Requirements

Cost Effective Volunteer Background Checks

How to Avoid EEOC Claims and Litigation

Why an Electronic Form I-9 is a Good Hiring Practice

3 Tips for Hiring & Screening Credit Union Employees

Human Resources Guide to a Compliant Background Check Policy

Prevent Identity Theft with Customer ID Verification

Tenant Screening Tips for the Individual Landlord (Credit Checks and more)

Medical Debt Reporting Changes on Background Checks

What background screening checks are necessary?

HR Record Retention for Background Screening Consent

5 Ways to Avoid FCRA Class Action Litigation

Deter Criminals. Do a Background Check.

Courting Your Applicant

Protecting Your Stadium Operations with Background Checks

Will Your Applicant Pass a Social Media Background Check?

Is it time to Revisit Your Background Screening Policy?

Need a Background Check? A Hiring Manager's New Year's Resolutions

What Background Checks do Property Owners Need

Top 10 Background Screening Blogs of 2014

Are Random Drug Screenings a Good Idea?

HR Question: Gender Neutral and Transgenders in the Workplace

Adverse Action 101

Does a Criminal History mean No Hire?

What Employers Need to Know about Ban the Box

Why Background Checks save you Money

Automating Background Checks to Eliminate Data Entry

How to Create a Hiring Checklist

Cheap Background Checks? You get what you pay for.

Common HR Violations of the FCRA

What Tenants Want and What They Will Pay

Deciphering a Background Check: What to Look For

Are Hiring Practices Fair?

VeriFirst’s System Security and High Availability

Getting started with VeriFirst

Can you email Adverse Action Notices?

Reasons to work with VeriFirst - An Infographic

Background Screening for Student Housing

The Value of Rental Payment History in Tenant Screening

When should an employer run a credit history on job applicant?

New Orleans Saints choose VeriFirst for Employee Background Checks

How to Save Time and Money when Requesting a Background Check

How to Expedite your Background Screening Turn Around Times

What Employers need to know about the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado

How to advertise your MultiFamily Property in Craigslist

Should You Get Background Checks for Volunteers?

Don't Rely Solely on Criminal Database Searches

Hiring Red Flags

Effective Tenant Screening can help Reduce Evictions and Debt Collection

When Should an Employer Conduct an Employee Background Check?

ComplianceCloud to Launch This Week!

When Should Property Owners Conduct a Tenant Screening Check

The New VeriFirst ComplianceCloud: Electronic I-9 and E-Verify

Screening Rules and Compliance Varies By State

The New VeriFirst ComplianceCloud: Fully automated employee screening

A Holiday Gift: Introducing ComplianceCloud for Employee Screening

Student Housing Tenant Screening Saves Headaches and Money

The Boston Red Sox and VeriFirst: A Winning Combination

E-Verify Today! How do you comply after the Government Shutdown?

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Background Check)

Managing Change: What Keeps You Up at Night?

Taking Chances on People | HR Inspiration from a Cab Ride in Egypt

Know Your Customer: ID Verification + OFAC Compliance

Screen for the Position: HR Guide to Safe Hiring and Cost Management

Building Value in a Crowded Industry

Waking Up with Malaria: What Africa Taught Me About Business

Felons Have the Right to Work Too: Job Related Background Screening

Reducing IT Security Risk: Know Who You Are Hiring

The Just Because Factor

Quit or Get Fired - Knowing When It's Time to Leave Your Job

Secret Lovers: HR Guide to Employee Relationship Management

Tommy Boy: Lessons on Building Culture, Legacy and Human Capital

Employment History: HR Background Check Compliance

Denied Campus Housing for SAT Scores; Not a Student Background Check

F***! Why I Love the Using the "F" Word in Business

Managing Your Manager: How to Gain Respect and Credit For Your Work

Adverse Action Notices: What are they, and when do I send them?

Coffee is for Closers: Alternatives to Boosting Employee Morale

Hiring the right employee takes more than Miss Cleo's intuition

8 Tips for Managing Change: (Inspired by my 5 year old.)

Your Tenant Screening Criteria Missed a Bad Tenant, Now What?

Tips for Updating Your Company's Social Media Policies

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

How to Conduct Employee Performance Reviews: X Factor Style

Oh Snap! My job was posted on LinkedIn

Cubicle Bullying | How to spot, report, and prevent workplace bullies

Rent Collection | How to Establish a Good Recovery Rate

Workplace Violence Prevention: Background Screening and Training

Resident Screening | 6 Quick Tips for Landlords

Is your Business in Compliance with the FCRA?

Understanding Credit | How to Read a Credit Report

5 Simple Steps to Attracting Good Tenants

Conducting Proper Employment History Verification

Using Tenant Credit Checks to Find Reliable Tenants

EEOC's Enforcement Guideline for Employment Decisions Under Title VII

American Idol Jermaine Jones disqualified for criminal background

3 Tips on International Criminal Background Checks for Landlords