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Adverse Action Notice: Common Compliance Questions

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, May 04, 2017  |  Share       

When taking adverse actions, following the rules is paramount.

When a background check on an applicant and/or current employee or tenant yields negative results, your next move seems obvious: Grab the next application and move on! Right? Not entirely. 

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How to Obtain Applicant Consent and Authorization to a Background Check

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, May 04, 2017  |  Share       

Background checks are becoming more common, not only for creditors and landlords, but for employers and people looking for roommates or babysitters. A background check can eliminate people who do not meet your set criteria. Perhaps you are an employer who requires your employees to use a company car. Obtaining a driving record is a critical piece in the employment process. By utilizing background checks, you are able to feel more confident that you are bringing a person into a situation that will work for everyone involved.

Before performing a background check, you need to make sure you understand some of the basics behind a background check.

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Topics: Employee Background Screening, Adverse Action Notice, Tenant Screening, Employment Background Screening

Employer and Landlord Responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Posted by Ryan Howard on Wed, May 03, 2017  |  Share       

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) places limits and rules on the usage of consumer reports by both employers and landlords. As such the following duties must be carried out when you are making use of a personal consumer report.

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Topics: Employee Background Screening, Adverse Action Notice, Tenant Screening, Employment Background Screening, FCRA Compliance, Fair Credit Reporting Act

How Criminal Background Checks affect Teen Convicted Felons

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Jan 16, 2017  |  Share       

Last week, NPR shared a story of Eduardo, a 32 year old man who was tried as an adult at age 17 when he was caught selling cocaine outside his New York apartment building. He was released on parole for good behavior but his criminal record has stayed with him ever since, affecting job and housing opportunities. In December, Governor Cuomo pardoned Eduardo, one of the first pardons in the state for those convicted for non-violent crimes at age 16 or 17, sealing his record from the public. 

Should employers be concerned?

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Topics: hiring employees, Tenant Screening, criminal background check

Update: What Landlords Need to Know About Screening Tenants

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Dec 09, 2016  |  Share       

Landlords must follow regulated processes when choosing tenants for their properties. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects consumers from inaccurate information and allows the ability to dispute false claims. If a property owner chooses to screen potential tenants, and if they work with consumer reporting agencies or other companies who provide information about tenants to property owners, these regulations must be followed. In late November 2016, the Federal Trade Commission issued new guidance with regards to tenant screening.

Here's an update on what landlords need to know about screening tenants.

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Topics: Tenant Screening, FCRA Compliance

Cost of a Background Check: How Much Should You Pay?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Wed, Sep 14, 2016  |  Share       

Over the past decade, the consumer reporting and background screening industry has seen significant growth. With growth typically comes competition, and with competition usually comes aggressive pricing. The cost of a criminal background check can vary by search type and by screening company (aka Consumer Reporting Agency - CRA). This post is to provide an estimate of what employers and landlords can expect to pay when conducting employment and tenant screening.   

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Topics: Employee Background Screening, A Professional Background Screening Company, Resident Screening, Tenant Screening, Cost of a Background Check

10,000 Refugees Placed in the U.S. Seeking Housing and Employment

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Sep 12, 2016  |  Share       

The New York Times reported last week that 10,000 Syrian refugees have been successfully placed within the United States. Many of the refugees were placed within the past three months. With their new legal status, the families will begin integrating into their communities, looking to connect with relatives already in the country, seeking employment and housing. Both businesses and landlords will need to understand how to help someone who is settling into the country, with previous employment or education records possibly destroyed by war. Will you be prepared? 

What does your HR department need to know in order to hire immigrants? Is your property management company prepared to offer residence to refugees?

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Topics: Employee Background Screening, E-verify, Tenant Screening, Employment Background Screening, immigration

Which Background Checks are Best for Tenant Screening?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Aug 29, 2016  |  Share       

Landlords and property managers are wise to consider a potential tenant's background before they decide to rent to them. Not only should you protect your property investment, you may have to think about neighbors, homeowner's associations, security concerns and most importantly, can your tenant pay rent on time? If you go with your gut, you may be shelling out cold hard cash in eviction costs later. In fact, screening before renting can give you peace of mind and a better idea of the person signing the lease agreement. 

Which background checks will give you the answers you need about a new tenant?

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Topics: Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant Screening

What is a Basic Background Check?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Aug 19, 2016  |  Share       

For hiring managers, human resources, landlords, property managers or nonprofits, running background checks on applicants, tenants or volunteers may seem like an overwhelming proposition. Cost could be a factor as well as simply not understanding what information would be returned. At VeriFirst, we're frequently asked about "basic background checks" and if the information would be substantial enough to make a hiring or rental decision. 

What is included a basic background check?

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Topics: Employee Background Screening, Tenant Screening, Employment Background Screening

Will Social Media and Search History Determine a Bad Tenant?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Tue, Jun 28, 2016  |  Share       

Recent news highlights a new trend: a tenant screening tool that requests access to your Facebook messages. With so much of our social and search information available online, it's no surprise that employers and landlords may want to get to know applicants better. Many questions arise in the advent of Internet searches including privacy concerns. Also, if an applicant refuses to give access to this information, can it be used against them?

Most importantly, does social media and search history determine the ability to be a good tenant?

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Topics: bad tenants, Tenant Screening

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