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What Recruiters Want to Know about Background Checks

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Mar 13, 2017  |  Share       

Recruiting and hiring can be quite the challenge in today's market due to changes in regulations, the "gig economy" and more millennials entering the workforce. VeriFirst's mission is to assist employers and recruiters in order to meet the following goals:

  • Hire the right person the first time
  • Make the hiring process as time and cost efficient as possible
  • Stay compliant and out of a courtroom

With over a decade of experience in background checks and working with employers, we're answering some common frequently asked questions.

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Background Checks: Generation X vs. Millennials

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Dec 10, 2015  |  Share       

Starting at the turn of the century, employers found that they could be held responsible for the negligent or violent actions of their employees. With their responsibility to provide a safe workplace for other employees and customers, employers and business owners became greatly interested in making more informed hiring decisions. Thus the background check was born. 

With every generation, more screens and regulations are developed to create a safer environment and keep organizations out of litigation. There are, however, factors to acknowledge as the baby boomer generation retires, and generation X and millennials enter (and move about) the workforce. 

What are the background check differences in screening Generation X versus Millennials?

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Top 5 Scariest Job Interview Questions

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Oct 30, 2015  |  Share       

It's the most frightening time of the year. Yards are decorated with ghouls and goblins who'll soon be at your door asking for treats. Or maybe it's the most frightening time of your career search - when job interview questions can scare the wits out of you! Let us dig deeper into some of the creepiest questions that candidates might be asked during their next interview. 

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The Internet of Hiring Practices

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Sep 25, 2015  |  Share       

As a 21st century hiring manager or human resources professional, you know that the days of endless paperwork and job fairs aren't over yet. Still, the internet is connecting everything and hiring candidates is no exception. Here are 5 ways the internet of hiring practices is making your life easier.

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Will Your Applicant Pass a Social Media Background Check?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Jan 23, 2015  |  Share       

With most of the world's population on the internet1 and an estimated 74% of adults online using social media2, almost everyone has a social media history. We answered the question last year - yes, you can include social media in your background checks. If you do, however, will your applicant pass? And what should you look for?

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Oh Snap! My job was posted on LinkedIn

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Oct 25, 2012  |  Share       

So you’re sitting down after a long day at work, flicking through your social media App’s. As you're reading the updates on LinkedIn, the realization hits you like a brick in the face. Your employer has just posted an opening for your job, and they are interviewing possible candidates!  "OMG! WTF? NLE?"  

...okay, you get the point.


Here’s some advice for employees and employers using Social Media: 

When your job is listed as “Available” – What should you do?

You have real-life expenses to cover (beyond that pending iPhone 5 upgrade) and perhaps a family to feed. In its own right, the thought of losing your job is devastating. But here’s the worst part: finding this out in a social media circle! Your employment status could be in danger. Do you scream or cry? Do neither; your reaction to this situation is the most important thing right now. These are the steps you should take as an employee who just found his/her job posted on a social media website:

Step 1: Consider the Possibilities
Consider all the possibilities. Could it be possible that you are getting a promotion instead of losing your job? Is it possible that your employer needs another person in your position because of a larger work load?

Step 2: Freshin' up your Resume
Update and post your resume to social media and employment websites. 

Step 3: Deliver Results
Keep doing your job to the best of your abilities. Do not just halt your duties! Even if the company is "letting you go," your conscious will be clean.

Step 4: Fight (not physically!) 
Talk with your employer and tell them you saw the job posted on LinkedIn. See what they say back and fight for your job. I don't mean physically fight, but give them the reasons that they should keep you. By putting the "ball in their court," you will know how bad the situation really is and if you need to actively seek other employment.

Keep in mind that whatever you do can be used against you [or] in your defense. By acting professional, you are showing that you do have what it takes to be the best employee.

Employers using Social Media   

Social media for employment is a wonderful, useful, and often necessary tool…..if used properly. However it can also create undesirable ‘side effects’ if your strategy is not thought out. It goes without saying that if an open position with your company is public info, then posting “I’m Hiring” is perfectly fine.

It’s when you’re going to terminate an employee but don't want to tell them until you have a replacement (usually a smart move), that you should take precautions when using social media as your recruitment channel.

Here’s a simple fix: Try posting the job opening using general terms “Bookkeeper Position Available | Greater Philadelphia Area | Retail Industry”. If you can’t accomplish this yourself (or through your HR team)...

Another tip: Employment agencies, staffing, and recruiting firms are great at this! You should consider their leverage creating social media awareness, while protecting the privacy of your company (and employee’s position).  

When you treat employment opportunities and social media in a fair and logical way, you will be rewarded. It’s when you're hasty with online tactics and social sharing, that you should beware of the employee who suddenly discovers their job is up for grabs!

Contact Us for more information, including FCRA and EEOC compliance support for qualifying new hires.  


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