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Hiring and Screening Tips for Small Business

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, May 01, 2017  |  Share       

Running a small business means paying close attention to the needs of your customers and your employees. Small business employees lay the groundwork of your organization including everything from human resources to accounting and development to sales. Along the way, small business owners have to listen closely to determine when it's time to hire. Hiring the right people, then, is important to help continue that growth. 

Hiring and Screening Tips for Small Business: Use these tips to determine when it's time to hire, how to run compliant background checks, and onboarding best practices.

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How to Get the Best Background Checks for Small Business

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Feb 23, 2017  |  Share       

Because small businesses don't hire as many or as regularly as large enterprises, each new hire must be a solid fit for the company. Employees are working above and beyond their job description and in a growing business, finances and timing are crucial. Small business hiring managers must evaluate cost, ease and customer service when considering screening options. Other reasons for background checks include the potential of negligent hiring claims, damage to the brand reputation, and loss of company morale if the wrong person is hired. 

How can small businesses get the best and most cost-effective background checks?

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A Small Business Guide to Background Checks

Posted by Ryan Howard on Wed, Mar 30, 2016  |  Share       

When hiring for small businesses, terms like "flexible" and "wear many hats" are usually in the job description. After all, a small business is a growing business and employees must be willing to do their share, and probably even more, to ensure success and hiring of more employees. Hiring at the right time is challenging enough without considering if the person has unsettling marks on their history. Many small businesses find that background screening is too cost-prohibitive or complex. This doesn't have to be the case.

Here is a helpful guide to background checks for small businesses.

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Topics: Employee Background Screening, Employment Background Screening, small business

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