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How to Identify Resume Fraud and Read what Counts

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, May 04, 2017  |  Share       

Employers, hiring managers and human resource professionals have the daunting task of processing thousands of resumes that pile up everyday. The employment world is highly competitive and applicants have a way of sprucing up their resumes, often stretching the truth in the process. 

Sifting the untruths and half-truths from what really matters is a tough responsibility for employers that require vigilance, prudence and due diligence.

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Topics: Employment History Verification, Resume Fraud

Challenges with Employment Verification Services

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Apr 07, 2017  |  Share       

In recent news, high school journalism students in Kansas researched their new principal and found discrepancies on her resume. A simple online search revealed questions about the educator's credentials as well as former employers. After their investigation and check of her background, the principal subsequently resigned.

For employers, background checks help to reveal resume fraud however, there are some challenges to employment verification. 

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Topics: Employment History Verification, Employment Verification, Resume Fraud

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