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Managing Change: What Keeps You Up at Night?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Sep 23, 2013  |  Share       

I am not talking about your significant other's roaring snore, or the television being left on. Instead, I am referencing those daily activities (or lack thereof) in business that cause you to worry at night. For many of us, these thoughts can be boiled down to one common denominator - "Change". 

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Topics: Human Resources, Human Capital, managing change, hiring employees, employee relationship management

Building Value in a Crowded Industry

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Jul 12, 2013  |  Share       

Let me start by defining what I mean by "Building Value".

Value is the perception of the relative worth, merit, or importance of something.  We too often only think of “value” in terms of money, and although price always place a part in a buying decision, other factors play a more important role in building value. I've included seven simple ideas on this concept below. But first, a quick story...and my inspiration for creating this post. 

I was looking for a mildew-removing solution for cleaning a small patch growing up the stucco on my house.  The big box store tried to sell me a large bottle of concentrate that required mixing with bleach, along with rubber gloves, scrub brushes, and goggles.  I passed on the 3 gallon bottle that would create 50 gallons of cleaner, enough for several 3-story houses and instead decided to try the little neighborhood hardware store near my home.

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Topics: business lessons, building value, compliance, managing change

Waking Up with Malaria: What Africa Taught Me About Business

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Jul 01, 2013  |  Share       

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Topics: business lessons, sample resume objectives, managing change

The Just Because Factor

Posted by Ryan Howard on Tue, Jun 11, 2013  |  Share       

On a recent United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia, I was moved by a statement our captain made over the PA system. The afternoon began with an expected flight delay due to severe weather in Middle America. Subsequently, we were given a 7 hour flight path taking us from California down to Texas, over to Florida and up the east coast to Pennsylvania. The flight attendants "please take your seats" announcement was followed by the captain telling us to keep our seat belts fastened until we reached a safe altitude. Pretty standard stuff. What he said once we reached that altitude is what got my attention.

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Topics: Human Resources, managing change, employee relationship management

F***! Why I Love the Using the "F" Word in Business

Posted by Ryan Howard on Sun, Mar 10, 2013  |  Share       

Yes, I am are serious. I love the "F" word.

It's a four letter verb that I use (and do) often. Just ask around our office (even Human Resources). It has helped define and develop many of my best business relationships; and has also resulted in my complete rejection. 

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Topics: performance review comments, managing change, employee morale

Managing Your Manager: How to Gain Respect and Credit For Your Work

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Mar 01, 2013  |  Share       

Years ago my grandfather, Robert Marsh (then founder and president of American Telecast Corporation) gave his team some great advice for managing sales and self-promotion. He reminded them that yes, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", but it is also "the spouting whale who gets harpooned". His success (among many other traits) was built on the concept of staying innovative, yet never failing to remain humble. 

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Topics: managing your manager, managing change, hiring employees

8 Tips for Managing Change: (Inspired by my 5 year old.)

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Jan 10, 2013  |  Share       

(Photo courtesy of my son, September 2012)

Preparing for change.

A few months ago, my 5 year old was ecstatic about the idea of taking a school bus. It was the beginning of his kindergarten year. No more pre-school, this was the big time! The concept of something new, both big and bold, intrigued him. To his younger brothers, he was a pioneer of change. 

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Topics: managing your manager, managing change

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