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How to Establish a Background Screening Budget for your Business

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Jun 23, 2017

When it comes to determining a budget for background screening, employers must look within. Employee turnover will be drastically different depending on the type of business, the typical ages of employees, the growth or downsizing of the business, if the business has been acquired or merged with another business and more. Even with all of those variables, there is a logical way to determine a background screening budget for your business. 

Budgeting for employee background screening can be achieved with the following considerations.

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What is the Difference Between State and Federal FCRA Laws?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Mon, Jun 19, 2017

When employers are using credit reports and other background checks to determine their hiring decisions, they must abide by the consumer protections set forth in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some states have enacted their own FCRA laws that may be more specific and offer greater protections for that state's citizens. As a hiring manager, these two levels of legislation can be overwhelming or confusing during the hiring process.

When screening potential employees, what's the difference between state and federal FCRA laws?

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What You Should Know About Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Posted by Ryan Howard on Wed, Jun 07, 2017

The resume is flawless. The interview went perfectly. The job is yours, depending on the results of a background check and...drug screening. The very thought is frightening to most applicants, whether they use recreational drugs or not, when a great job is on the line. What exactly will employers find in that drug screening? The answers may surprise you. 

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Cost of a Background Check: How Much Should You Pay?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, Jun 02, 2017

Over the past decade, the consumer reporting and background screening industry has seen significant growth. With growth typically comes competition, and with competition usually comes aggressive pricing. The cost of a criminal background check can vary by search type and by screening company (aka Consumer Reporting Agency - CRA). This post is to provide an estimate of what employers and landlords can expect to pay when conducting employment and tenant screening.   

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What is Included in a Background Check for Employment?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, Jun 01, 2017

When employers are in need of a background check on an applicant, there are a lot of questions that need answers. Will the background information be accurate? Will it be easy to read and understand? How much will it cost? When will it get here? On the VeriFirst blog and through out the screening process, we do our best to let clients know what they can expect and when they can expect it.

See what background check looks like, including common search criteria, turnaround times, and how the information is displayed.

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Slow Turnaround time for a Background Check? What gives?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, May 26, 2017

When a hiring manager is anxiously waiting results of a background check, it can feel like forever. If you've already decided that the candidate is perfect, it can seem especially frustrating. Hiring managers are nervous about missing out on high quality candidate and understand the necessity of perfect timing during the hiring process. Should you offer the job or run a background check first? Either way, a background check seems like necessary evil.

When you're ready to secure the future of a job candidate, why does a background check take so long?

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Awesome Interview? Know When to Extend the Job Offer and When to Conduct the Background Check.

Posted by Ryan Howard on Fri, May 19, 2017

After an impressive resume and interview, hiring managers may be ready to offer the job to a great candidate based on gut feelings. Gut feelings, however, could be sidelined by news stories revealing negligent hiring claims, litigation, and lost business when hiring the wrong employee or an employee with a troubled past. If human resource professionals are afraid of missing out on the perfect employee, how should the candidate move through the hiring process?

When is the optimal time to run the background check and when is the optimal time to make a job offer?

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Is it time to update your corporate background check policy?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Sat, May 13, 2017

Organizations that wish to keep their employees and customers safe, and avoid negligent hiring claims, implement background checks. For startups and small businesses, these background checks may be rare but still recommended. For larger organizations and enterprise companies, there could be hundreds of background checks run on a monthly basis. In either case, a background check policy is helpful to set guidelines for investigating applicant backgrounds and triggers for re-running background screenings on current employees.

At some point, certain clues may point to the need for an updated background check policy.

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Adverse Action Notice: Common Compliance Questions

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, May 04, 2017

When taking adverse actions, following the rules is paramount.

When a background check on an applicant and/or current employee or tenant yields negative results, your next move seems obvious: Grab the next application and move on! Right? Not entirely. 

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How to Identify Resume Fraud and Read what Counts

Posted by Ryan Howard on Thu, May 04, 2017

Employers, hiring managers and human resource professionals have the daunting task of processing thousands of resumes that pile up everyday. The employment world is highly competitive and applicants have a way of sprucing up their resumes, often stretching the truth in the process. 

Sifting the untruths and half-truths from what really matters is a tough responsibility for employers that require vigilance, prudence and due diligence.

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